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The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra- Do not go into this expecting a classic. This movie was made in 2001 by Larry Blamire, who plays the main character of the movie, Dr. Paul Armstrong.
The movie is filmed in black and white and is obviously making fun of old scifi films. The dialog is purposefully hokey and dramatic. You can, in fact, play drinking games to the words that they repeat each scene. It will probably bother you how they rephrase the same statement four or five times. It's all meant to be funny, and it is. It's hysterical. The skeleton is one of those out of the science room and when they have it walk it's so obviously being carried along.
The plot is that a scientist and his wife go to investigate the site of a meteorite crash because the scientist believes it contains Atmospherium, some made-up radioactive chemical. They're staying in a cabin in the woods and take the meteor back there to study. Another scientist also needs atmospherium to resurrect the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra so he can take over the world. Then, some aliens crash-land and need to find atmospherium to power their space ship, but their mutant escapes the ship and is now on the loose. They all end up at the cabin together trying to get the atmospherium for their own purpose.
Very, very purposefully hokey. If you're looking for a bad movie, I'd suggest this one because it's funny and not just terrible.

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