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Who watches Watchmen...

...well, I did.

7:52 PM 3/6/09 · What an absolute crapfest! That was hands down the worst comic book movie I've ever seen. I can't believe that the first time they decided to stick as close to the source material as possible would result in such agonizing disappointment.

Not sure how I managed to remain in my seat.

Even Mortal Kombat 2 wasn't this bad!

I may need therapy now.
Gods Above, you people are easy.

Anyone that read my review of Iron Man probably saw that coming.


Okay, Watchmen was nothing short of amazing. I was totally blown away! Even knowing what was going to happen in advance, refreshing to have a comicbook scenario fit so exactly with the real life version, I still was constantly on the edge of my seat and loving every minute of it.

I haven't read the graphic novel, literally, in years. Might even be a decade's span of time, I'm a little fuzzy on that. My recall is generally fairly amazing, so I've been told, on any and all fandoms I delve into but not so with this.

I really only read the graphic novel the one time.

Prior to that I skimmed it briefly as I'd heard it was amazing. Wasn't too impressed with the artwork really but the 2nd time around the story really grabbed me. Even as far back as a year ago I noted numerous little things in the pre·production phase that didn't seem accurate and still kinda stuck with me as I watched the movie.

  • Inconsistancies: You might wanna stop reading here cuz this is where the spoilery type stuffs begin!

  • So far as comicbook movies tend to go, the sex was pretty graphic. I'm not complaining and I was expecting it given the storyline...but Damn!

    I really need to get me a hover ship.

  • A lot of good music, all period spanning from between the mid·1960's to around the mid·1980's.

    • I don't recall what they went by but the costumed superheroes in the graphic novel were never called The Watchmen. Not even sure if the original team of the past (The Minutemen?) shared the same name as the team in the present time, that the film is set in.

      Other than flashbacks, most of the film takes place in 1985.

    • Watchmen deals in a parallel timeline situation. Richard Nixon is still president of the United States, term limits were repealed and he's working on his 3rd. Manhattan's involvement allowed for a complete victory of the Vietnam War. Stuff like that.

    • Night Owl (Nite Owl?) is supposed to be a bit chunky. I believe he was in better shape when he started his career but by the time he and Silk Spectre get back into costume after years of inaction he's not supposed to be in good physical shape at all.

    • Rorsarch was suspiciously absent of sugar cubes, which he's supposed to be crunching practically all the time.

    • Ozmandius' plan wasn't what was shown in the film...exactly. Same basic intent, same basic outcome, but it wasn't supposed to focus on Manhattan being a scapegoat. More of a massive alien invasion scenario that was supposed to unite all of humanity dealio. Interesting twist, to the tune of what they did with The Mist which was amazing but wrong at the same time, but I'd love to know where this new scenario originated.

      Also, don't recall it being in multiple cities worldwide.

      Lack of original scenario is why I chose this icon. Figured there should be some tentacles in this post.

    • Manhattan was cool to watch. Mostly CGI and well done, minus a little snafu or two which might be explained away by his abilities I suppose. There was a lot of active particle emission around him, contained within his visible aura, which I'm wondering about but not at all bothered by.

    • I don't recall if the takion distraction was used in the graphic novel. Don't think so.

    • A rather ongoing, and escalating, theme in comicbook films is excessive symbol usage. Outside of the Comedian's trademark smiley face, I don't recall it being such a pervasive thing everywhere.

      Really don't remember there being a smiley face on Mars.

    • The fight scenes were some of the most beautiful violence I've seen in ages. A bit excessive, even in Rorsach's case, but I was loving every minute of them.

    • The original Silk Spectre was supposed to be a chain smoking, heavy drinking, hard ass. I don't recall there being such a heart warming shift at the end of the graphic novel...though this was kinda nice.

    • At the very end of things Night Owl and Silk Spectre are not supposed to go back to crime fighting.

    • Night Owl's costume was cool...but they didn't quite get the cape right. It's supposed to hang off him like owl wings, not flow like it does in this. He's also a lot more peppy than in the graphic novel. He's supposed to be more of a fuddy duddy (probably spelled wrong but still accurate.)

    • I was kind of surprised the rape scene was included but it's interesting that it is for a number of reasons. The original Silk Spectre put up a hell of a better fight in this than she did there and technically there wasn't a rape. My memory of the graphic novel on this is spotty but the rape was supposed to be, I think, what got her pregnant with her daughter. Not a follow up like in the film later by choice. Also, no rape. Good cuz I didn't wanna see that. He beats her down, gets her setup, but doesn't even fully get his belt off before the other heroes crash in and stop him.

    • I don't recall if they got the way Manhattan kills quite right. I don't remember it being that messy. Though it did work well with Rorsach's death and that repetitive symbolism thing I pointed out earlier.

    • The tendency to leather, vinyl, rubber, and other shiny materials in super hero costumes didn't really catch on until after 1985, as I recall; more of a 1990's thang. In movies anyway. So as far as that aspect goes this film is innaccurate. Interesting enough, flashbacks to the original team of the past shows their costumes weren't at all shiny.

    • Ozmandius looked a hell of a lot cooler in this than he was supposed to. Also seemed a lot more level·headed. Smartest man and all, when the current team first made up I believe he wasn't taken seriously not because of his proposal of specific action so much as he looked ridiculous. That or too idealistic and not grounded in world reality.

I may have more to say later but that's all I've got for now. As stated before the inconsistancies, this is a great film and you really should check it out...

...I'm honestly not sure if the differences hadn't been there whether or not it would've been better or not.
I went and saw this with Whee!Laura, which is significant only as she was also saw Underworld: Rise of the Lycans with me too. We both were shocked at the ticket prices as much then as now...

...but even more because in the time inbetween it's gone up.

Underworld went for $8.50 p/person. Watchmen went for $10.75 p/person. These are matinee prices! I know the economy is for shit now but c'mon!!

Don't even know what justifies that kinda price hike in so little a time between those two movies.

I don't wish to date myself or anything (although I am a fun date) but when I was a kid even full price, standard fare, tickets weren't this expensive.
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